ATS London 2021: Tapping into the Power of Audio Marketing

With podcast continuing to grow, and tons of premium content available for advertisers, there has been a clear incentive for audio advertising tools to keep up. In the early days of digital audio advertising, programmatic audio infrastructure was pretty much non-existent. But we are seeing an increase in audio supply, and audio is now being treated much like any other channel. With real-time bidding options, precise measurement and attribution tools, and other powerful features, audio advertising and programmatic audio are just as viable for advertisers as any other channel.

On November 4th 2021, Pierre Naggar, SVP of Global Demand at AdsWizz, joined Jon Vick, SoundCloud, and Deepali Bathia, Matterkind, at ATS London 2021 for the panel “Tapping into the Power of Audio Marketing.” Moderated by ExchangeWire’s Lindsay Rowntree, the group discusses how audio advertising tools are growing in sophistication and creative agility, and how measurement in the space compares to other channels.

If you missed us at ATS London 2021, you can watch the entire panel right here.



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