Pandora Becomes First Audio Publisher to Adopt Unified ID 2.0

SiriusXM Media, the advertising arm of SiriusXM, announced Pandora Media LLC as the first audio publisher to adopt Unified ID 2.0 (UID2), offering advertisers an identity solution with precision targeting, frequency management and measurement. An agreement between AdsWizz Inc., the technology engine powering the monetization of audio content around the world, and The Trade Desk will allow AdsWizz to enable UID2 across Pandora.

With the industry-wide decline of identifiers, the programmatic space has seen a data gap. By adopting this alternative identity solution, SiriusXM Media is committed to innovate without reliance on cookies and prepare for future industry headwinds.

With UID2, SiriusXM Media can programmatically deliver on a quality environment and highly addressable platform for the next generation of identity. UID2 can deliver accurate holistic targeting and measurement capabilities without reliance on third-party cookies to improve advertiser addressability and measurement.

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