Interview with Matt Mise from Pacific Content and Rogers Sports & Media

At Podcast Movement 2023, Matt Mise, Head of Pacific Content, and Podcasts at Rogers Sports & Media, sat down with Justine Benjamin, Head of Global Marketing at AdsWizz and Simplecast, to discuss the business of podcasting.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Matt plays a pivotal function in the Canadian marketplace. He oversees a diverse podcast portfolio, leads one of the strongest teams in podcasting, and actively pursues innovative monetization strategies to enhance Rogers Sports and Media’s business objectives. It’s a robust role that requires a keen eye for detail, an ear tuned to the audience, and a vision for the future.

Diversity and Curiosity Fueling the Industry 

Matt’s enthusiasm for podcasting is driven by the diversity of voices that populate this sphere. To him (and many others on his team), today’s podcasters constantly push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, united by their shared love for connecting on a deeper level with audiences. Matt anticipates even more eclectic perspectives and viewpoints on the trajectory of podcasting in the coming years, marked by experimentation and learning.

“What I love about podcasting is the curiosity, and I think this is why you go into the space. People who love audio are so consumed by the intimacy of it that they are driven to make it better all the time.”

Canadian Podcasting’s Evolution

Matt describes the Canadian podcasting industry as being in the “crawl-to-walk phase.” Like Australia, Canada invested early in highly-produced shows but faced challenges understanding audience growth and monetization strategies. One unique Canadian challenge revolves around data costs, as data remains relatively expensive in the country. This hurdle underscores the importance of education on the benefits of podcasts and how they fit into data plans.

The Role of AI and Adtech in Podcasting

While Matt acknowledges AI’s (Artificial Intelligence) buzz in the podcasting industry, he sees significant implications in the potential for adtech tools that boost capabilities in audience segmentation, brand safety, accurate inventory prediction, targeting precision, and attribution modeling. These advancements enable podcasting to compete on an equal footing with other advertising mediums, making it an attractive option for advertisers who demand measurable results.

“Creativity will not be replaced by AI, but what it does, is allow us to accelerate our ability to create amazing stories.”

Pacific Content and Rogers Sports & Media’s Unique Approach

Matt’s work with Pacific Content is a testament to the impact of branded podcasts. Pacific Content’s role is to craft narratives that resonate with a brand’s values and shared experiences, resulting in engaging podcast content. Their work with clients like Charles Schwab and Atlassian’s Teamistry has garnered critical acclaim and demonstrated the power of storytelling to build trust and emotional connections with audiences. 

As an influential player in the Canadian media landscape, Rogers Sports and Media’s core business revolves around ad-supported content. Matt and his team commit to transparently connecting advertisers with the right audiences and content, ensuring that podcasting offers the same data and measurement capabilities as other advertising channels.

Educating and Inspiring Clients

Matt underscores the importance of education when working with clients. Rather than inundating them with numbers, it’s essential to help them understand how podcasting can solve their specific business problems by shifting the conversation from metrics to storytelling, focusing on the emotional connection and value that podcasting can bring to their brands.

Looking Ahead

Matt sees the future of podcast advertising, where ads seamlessly integrate into the content so they feel like a part of the story. He acknowledges the shift in consumer behavior, especially among younger generations, who are more open to native advertising and integrated brand stories. That said, this approach needs to respect the trust built with the audience by creating a more natural and engaging experience, preserving the delicate balance between storytelling and advertising.

Matt’s journey in podcasting can be defined by a dedication to creativity, a commitment to partner education, and a mission to value bold storytelling. As he continues to navigate this dynamic landscape, his leadership will inspire others to embrace the power of this medium.

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