How Audio Advertising Can Revolutionize Brand Marketing

If Microsoft didn’t work out, Bill Gates could have made a career for himself as a fortune teller. In 1996, he wrote a blog titled ‘Content is King’, effectively coining the term in every marketer’s plan. In 2005, at an event in London, he said, “the future of advertising is the Internet”. Being able to accurately predict that digital advertising would become the cornerstone of modern marketing is a great accolade, indeed.

Everywhere you look, ads pop up—whether you’re being dazzled by a giant digital billboard or sitting on the couch scrolling through your social feeds.

Brand marketers have been quick to take advantage of this screen craze. The US’s digital ad spend is forecast to double between 2021 and 2024, from $211 billion to $317 billion. Digital is dominating brands’ budget allocations—but what about digital audio, the unsung hero of the advertising world?

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