How to Maximize Audio Campaign Efficiency with Predictive Pacing

Envision a smart system that checks past trends to predict what will happen in the future and then applies that information to constantly adjust the ad delivery and steer the campaign to its ultimate goal. With Predictive Pacing, publishers and resellers can ensure audio ads are delivered optimally by a data-powered engine that switches gears in real time to avoid inventory variation bumps and ensure each campaign meets its objective.

What is Predictive Pacing?

Predictive Pacing, powered by AudioServe, uses historical data to identify inventory variations, accurately forecast traffic, and optimize impression delivery to achieve the campaign objective. Explicitly designed for podcasts but also applicable to streaming platforms, Predictive Pacing aligns the speed with which impressions are delivered with the available inventory to avoid excessive or insufficient distribution. The best part? It is as simple as clicking a button. Publishers and resellers can easily harness the power of this innovative pacing tool to monetize all available inventory effectively. 

Supercharge Your Advertising Campaigns

The ability to read the unique rhythm of your inventory is Predictive Pacing’s superpower. Part historian, part future teller, Predictive pacing is also deeply anchored in the present, constantly checking if the prediction matches the reality. If the system detects variations, it quickly adapts the pacing algorithms to the real-time traffic pattern to recover missing impressions and optimize delivery. With such a secure pacing system in place, you can capitalize on your inventory to maximize revenue and fulfill the requirements of your demand partners.

How Does Predictive Pacing Work?

Understanding the dynamic nature of the available inventory in the audio marketplace is essential to ensuring effective campaign delivery. Factors such as in-car listening picking up, podcast episodes consumed right after release, and new audio content and formats being released constantly impact inventory volumes. For instance, podcasts generate more inventory when a new episode is released, but inventory decreases as time passes between new episodes. Supply variations are difficult to detect by standard pacing methods and can lead to under- or over-delivery. 

Predictive Pacing solves these challenges by continuously adjusting the campaign’s pace based on two data sources. First, inventory forecasts use historical data to predict future availability and fluctuations and ensure impressions get delivered at an appropriate pace. Second, real-time traffic data is constantly monitored to validate the predictions and make necessary adjustments for optimal delivery. The solution constantly checks delivery against targets to ensure campaigns stay on track and adjust as needed.

A Practical Example

Let’s take the example of the Audio Matters podcast to understand how Predictive Pacing can be applied. This podcast releases a new episode every Tuesday when it generates  500,000 ad opportunities. However, the traffic gradually decreases throughout the week, reaching 100,000 on Wednesday, 20,000 on Thursday, and 5,000 on Friday, following a consistent weekly pattern.

Imagine you have a campaign targeting the “Audio Matters” podcast to deliver 1,000,000 impressions over 14 days. With Predictive Pacing, the system analyzes the historical traffic trends of the podcast and adjusts the daily delivery accordingly. It then prioritizes the delivery of a significant portion of the impressions on the episode release day and gradually reduces the pace as traffic decreases throughout the week.

In this case, a standard evenly pacing, which delivers impressions evenly throughout the campaign flight, could have led to under-delivery, especially on low-traffic days. Conversely, trafficking this campaign as unpaced or fast as possible could have delivered all impressions before the intended end date.

The Playback

Predictive Pacing is an innovative solution that optimizes ad delivery in the audio marketplace. This dynamic system ensures optimal campaign delivery aligned with inventory fluctuations by utilizing historical data, accurate forecasts, and real-time monitoring. Activating Predictive Pacing is simple, enabling effective monetization of available inventory for publishers and resellers. It enhances revenue, improves efficiency, and helps you achieve campaign objectives, making it a powerful tool for successful ad campaign management. By leveraging this technology, publishers, and resellers can maximize their impact and reach their target audience with precision.

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By Nicoleta Vieru, Senior Product Marketing Manager at AdsWizz

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