Unlock the Full Potential of Multi-Touch Campaigns with Custom Audiences

Successful multi-touch campaigns usually start with brand awareness and gradually lead to call-to-action. However, they always require a relevant and up-to-date audience base, especially in digital advertising, where it is essential to reach the right audience at the right time. 

What is Custom Audiences?

With Custom Audiences, advertisers can retarget listeners who have shown an interest in their product, making them more likely to convert. This advanced capability allows brands to create more sophisticated campaigns that guide listeners from awareness to action, such as making a purchase or requesting a quote. 

Creating robust stories delivered sequentially over days or weeks or tailoring listening experiences based on interaction types, such as a website visit or a wishlist, helps advertisers build stronger relationships with audiences and meet listeners exactly where they are on their conversion journey.

Do you worry about meeting business objectives and boosting campaign efficiency? Worry no more! Custom Audiences helps deliver ads to the most engaged audience or test the best creative by splitting the same listener base. This results in higher conversion rates, reduced wasted ad spend, streamlined management operations, and minimal maintenance.

Key Benefits

Boost Campaign Efficiency

Create campaigns that align with listeners’ behaviors and retarget those who have already shown interest in a brand – all within a streamlined flow. With both AudioServe and AudioMatic, Custom Audience targeting ensures ads reach the right audience at the right time.

Strengthen Relationships with Audiences 

Offer a personalized listening experience tailored to previous interactions, building stronger connections with audiences. Whether through AudioServe’s detailed targeting options or AudioMatic’s sophisticated audience segmentation, robust experiences can be crafted to resonate deeply with listeners​​​.

Maximize ROI 

Delivering ads to a highly applicable audience reduces ad spend waste and boosts conversion rates. AudioServe and AudioMatic offer tools to measure and optimize campaigns, ensuring every ad dollar is well spent.

How Custom Audiences Works

Creating and growing an audience base has never been easier. New website visitors who perform custom AudioPixel actions or consented listeners of one or multiple ads from campaigns can be collected all in one place.

Additionally, at the flick of a switch, Custom Audiences can be populated with listeners of all future ads belonging to an advertiser without having to manually include each new ad in the setup. This ensures effortless maintenance of an always up-to-date audience base, complemented by the membership duration setting for how long each listener remains in the custom audience.

Looking Ahead

AdsWizz attribution tools are designed to close the loop on audio measurement, and Custom Audiences are the latest (but not the last) tool we’re adding to our stack. With this solution, the full potential of retargeting campaigns is unlocked, driving engagement, efficiency, and conversions like never before.

If you are an AdsWizz partner and want to learn more about Custom Audiences, check our knowledge bases for either of these products:

If you are not an AdsWizz partner and would like to get in touch with us, please visit the Contact Us page.

By Catalin Georgescu, Senior Product Marketing Manager


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