Italian news publisher 24 Ore Group appoints AdsWizz as its audio ad tech partner for Radio 24

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The 24 Ore Group becomes one of the first Italian publishers to offer programmatic buys and PG (programmatic guaranteed) for podcasts with the entire Radio 24 catalogue 

This partnership will see advertisers gain access to over 100 premium podcast shows 


14 April 2021: Sole 24 Ore Group has appointed AdsWizz as its audio tech partner as it ventures further into the audio and podcasting industry. This partnership will see Sole 24 Ore Group with Radio 24 as one of the first Italian publishers to offer podcast inventory programmatically, opening up a plethora of new opportunities to advertisers. 

24 ORE Group, the leading Italian multimedia publishing organization, operating in the economic, financial, professional, and cultural information sector, is a leader in quality information and storytelling. The Group has been producing podcasts and experimenting with new forms of audio content for several years, and as part of the new audio content strategy, offer them as an opportunity for communication to its Partners.  Radio 24 is the only “news & talk” broadcaster on the Italian radio scene has a podcasts catalogue that achieve more than 4M downloads per month with an advertising inventory per week that overcome 4M  

With the help of AdsWizz, Radio 24 is now able to deliver dynamically inserted ads into their highly valuable podcast content and are giving advertisers the option to access their audience via direct buys, programmatic buys and programmatic guaranteed buys. Brands are also able to activate robust audience targeting parameters – such as geographic, demographic, device targeting – allowing advertisers to manage and plan audio ad spend with precision and in a flexible way.   

Traditional news publishers are moving further into the audio landscape as consumer news consumption habits are changing rapidly. This partnership sees 24 Ore Group pave the way for traditional media networks and further expand its offering into audio, creating new opportunities for advertisers and brands.  

The appetite for audio advertising is growing rapidly in Italy, and with AdsWizz’s advanced audience targeting capabilities, advertisers will be able to reach specific audiences while minimising wastage.  

Brieuc Verwilghen, VP Supply Partnership, AdsWizz, said: “The audio industry is expanding rapidly with audiences gravitating towards podcasting as media consumption habits continue to evolve. Our partnership with 24 Ore Group evidences the growing audio opportunities within traditional media, which is particularly exciting for media planners and advertisers who wish to make use of audio inventory with trusted, premium news providers. 24 Ore Group embracing podcasting and audio will provide the industry with robust audio inventory options and open up access to a new, highly engaged audience of podcast listeners that advertisers are now able to reach.” 

Federico Silvestri, General Manager, 24 ORE System, RADIO 24 “As one of Italy’s most trusted sources of news we know how important it is that traditional media adapt to changing audience habits, ensuring that we continue to serve news to the masses on the most appropriate platform. Our expansion into the audio and podcasting landscape has already proved to be extremely popular with our audience and so, in partnering with AdsWizz we are able to open up our podcasting inventory to advertisers. The opportunities within podcasting are growing rapidly and the content audio strategy that the 24 Ore Group has launched we maintain our position at the forefront of the audio news market, championing and staying ahead of new trends.” 


About AdsWizz  

AdsWizz has created the end-to-end technology platform that is powering the digital audio advertising ecosystem. AdsWizz is the underlying monetization solution for well-known music platforms, podcasts and broadcasting groups worldwide. Through dynamic ad insertion, advanced programmatic platforms, and innovative audio formats, AdsWizz efficiently connects buyers and sellers for digital audio and podcast advertising. AdsWizz is owned by SiriusXM, and is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with a Technology Development Hub in Bucharest, Romania.  


About 24 Ore Group  and Radio 24 

The 24 ORE Group is the leading Italian multimedia publishing organization, operating in the economic, financial, professional, and cultural information sector. The 24 ORE Group stands out as an ideal partner for the production of content. Our “expertise” is characterized by quality, in depth analysis and verticality. We reach a “business” target, and we manage to do it in a transversal way by covering the entire production system and following the main topics of interest of the moment. A reference point for various Industries, the offer of digital products is now strengthened with the productions of Original Podcasts signed by Il Sole 24 Ore and Radio24 and with the sale in Private Deal or Guaranteed and in Reservation of the Radio24 audio inventory podcast. 

 Radio 24 is the only “news & talk” broadcaster on the Italian radio scene, characterized by a multi-thematic program of in-depth analysis and debate covering the areas of interest of different target audiences. Radio 24 is the unique Italian radio with a constant growth of the number of its listeners and it’s audience is made up of the most active and trend setter part of Italian population with high socio-economic profile and great spending power. 


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