Revolutionizing Podcast Monetization with Advanced Scheduling and Targeting

In today’s vibrant digital audio environment, publishers and podcasters are continuously exploring new strategies to increase their earnings. To empower them to maximize the revenue potential of their podcast episodes, we are excited to unveil a powerful new feature that will transform their monetization strategies.

What is Episode Scheduling and Targeting?

Episode Scheduling and Targeting revolutionizes advertising by enabling pre-scheduling ads in podcast episodes before they’re published. It streamlines workflows across different platforms and merges cutting-edge automatic episode generation with high-level forecasting and targeting abilities. 

The bottom line: Episode Scheduling and Targeting allows publishers to plan, forecast, target, and sell ads efficiently in future episodes, which creates new revenue streams and boosts each episode’s effectiveness and value.

How Episode Scheduling and Targeting Simplifies Inventory Management

This new feature dramatically simplifies inventory management by leveraging historical data for precise forecasts, ensuring campaigns can be booked without the risk of overselling or under-delivering. Once an episode is scheduled, it’s immediately available for ad campaigns across AdsWizz’s platforms. The feature uses unique episode IDs for targeting, ensuring ads are delivered to the correct episode, even if its release date changes.

Episode Scheduling and Targeting in Action

Imagine a weekly podcast series focused on sustainable living. The publishers of this series decided to leverage the Episode Scheduling and Targeting feature to use in a client’s advertising campaign for an upcoming series of episodes about urban gardening.

Scheduling Episodes and Attracting Advertisers

The team schedules the episodes two months before the series launch, documenting the topics and expected release dates. These future episodes are immediately shared with AdsWizz’s platforms, where potential advertisers can view if the planned content offers enough inventory to reach their advertising objectives.

Targeted Ad Booking

Seeing the alignment with its target market, a gardening tools company decides to book ad slots for the entire series. Utilizing the detailed forecasts provided by the system, they confidently book their campaign, knowing the ads will reach an engaged and relevant audience.

Flexible Ad Scheduling Ensures Uninterrupted Revenue

As the release dates approach, one episode must be delayed by 4 days due to unforeseen circumstances. However, the scheduled ads automatically adjust to the new release date thanks to the Episode Scheduling and Targeting system. The gardening tools company’s ads still hit their mark, appearing in the designated episode upon its release, ensuring the podcast’s revenue stream is unaffected by the schedule change.

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities

Episode Scheduling and Targeting is a significant advancement in podcast advertising, opening new revenue opportunities for publishers and podcasters. By automating and refining the ad delivery process, this feature improves monetization efficiency and contributes to a more predictable and financially stable ecosystem.

Want to learn more about Scheduling and Targeting?

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by Nicoleta Vieru, Senior Product Marketing Manager at AdsWizz

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