The Future of Audio and Entertainment 2024 Recap

AdsWizz was a headline sponsor at the Future of Audio and Entertainment 2024 in London, UK, on April 18, 2024. The event drew a wide range of attendees from the UK and across Europe as a focal point for thought leadership around market strategies, technological innovations, and advertising methods in commercial audio advertising. In addition to our sponsorship, AdsWizz also contributed to the event’s content programming.

“Our collective insight on the show floor was further reinforced by interacting with industry peers and thought leaders, highlighted the essential role connectivity plays within the audio community. The conference profoundly acknowledged our current market realities, clearly demonstrating that digital audio is leading the industry toward increasingly innovative and integrated strategies.”


-Paul Brown, Vice President, European Business & Operations at AdsWizz


Keynote – How Digital Audio Stacks Up Against the Rest

AdsWizz’s Rowan Hamill, Director of Business Development, UK and Ireland, and Lindsay Lynch, Director of Business Development, International, presented industry findings illustrating the effectiveness of digital audio advertising through its convenience, accessibility, measurable effects on audiences, and expanding influence over traditional media.

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Comprehensive Integration and Consumer Trends in Digital Audio

Digital audio is deeply incorporated into daily life in the UK, complementing other media forms with its adaptability and relevance. More than 35 million people now listen to digital audio weekly—a 40% increase since 2019—with an average daily listening time of 2.3 hours. Audio integrates into various activities, such as morning news streams and evening podcast sessions. The pandemic in 2020 accelerated shifts in consumer behavior, particularly among younger audiences, who have shifted 31% of their media time to digital audio from traditional visual media.

Challenges, Prospects, and Synergies with Other Media

Digital audio enhances the media consumption experience by providing continuous adaptability that meets audiences wherever they are, engages users throughout the day, and serves as a versatile complement to other media. Technological advancements like AudioPixel improve ad conversion tracking across devices, enhancing audience targeting and engagement measurement without relying on cookies.

Strategic Implications for Digital Audio in Marketing

Marketers need to capitalize on the growing influence of digital audio by incorporating it more extensively into their media strategies. Notable technologies such as speech-to-text for podcast contextual targeting can optimize engagement with specific audiences, thereby streamlining marketing efforts.

Panel – AI, Programmatic and Tech Innovation

Our very own Ollie Chadwick, Regional Director for the UK & Ireland, participated in a panel discussion about the expanding influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in audio, which highlighted innovations that are redefining ad creation and performance tracking beyond traditional cookies while enhancing innovation, efficiency, and personalization. 

  • Ollie Chadwick – AdsWizz
  • Mary Ann Halford – Halford Media Advisory
  • Matt Deegan – Folder Media
  • Tom Sherwood – YouTube
  • Emma Raz – NumberEight
Digital Audio and AI Integration

The conversation first summarized the integration of AI in the digital audio sector, focusing on solutions that simplify and enhance advertising processes. AI can be used to create tailored audio content based on demographic data, making advertising more targeted and effective.

Programmatic Audio

The panel then discussed the rise of programmatic audio and its efficiency in streamlining advertising campaigns. This method leverages automation to enhance targeting and reporting, thereby optimizing advertising expenditures and reach.

Multilingual and Inclusive Content

Touching on the importance of creating content that caters to diverse linguistic and cultural demographics, AI helps lower the barrier to entry for producing diverse and inclusive content, which can expand market reach and connect with broader audiences.

Future Trends and Innovation in Audio Advertising

Noteworthy future trends in audio advertising include more sophisticated contextual targeting, brand safety, and direct interactions with publishers. Driven by technological advancements, the advertising landscape in digital audio will continue to evolve rapidly.

The Future of Audio is Now

At The Future of Audio and Entertainment 2024, AdsWizz had a unique opportunity to elevate digital audio’s potential as a powerful advertising medium through our branding and content spotlighting market dynamics and AI innovations.

Interacting with industry peers and thought leaders further reinforced the essential role connectivity plays within the audio community. The conference profoundly acknowledged our current market realities, demonstrating that digital audio is leading the industry toward increasingly innovative and integrated strategies.


– Thema Archer, Senior Account Executive, EU Marketplace Partnerships at AdsWizz

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