Unleashing the Power of Programmatic Guaranteed in Audio Advertising

Success in audio advertising hinges on efficiency and precision, which is why AdsWizz has been a leader in innovating the automation of purchasing and selling premium reserved inventory. Enter Programmatic Guaranteed, a significant advancement in audio advertising that offers unique and robust benefits.

Programmatic Guaranteed offers more impactful tools tailored for optimal performance than other types of programmatic deals that involve varying levels of uncertainty – such as OpenRTB auctions with numerous bidders or preferred deals with non-guaranteed volumes. With fixed pricing and guaranteed volumes, this type of auction provides advertisers and publishers with a level of certainty and control not found in other programmatic transactions.

A One-Stop-Shop for Digital Audio Advertising

AdsWizz facilitates the buying and selling of reserved inventory globally by offering products like AudioMax SSPAudioServe Campaign Manager, and audio-centric AudioMatic DSP, along with off-the-shelf integrations with some of the most reputable DSP platforms.

This ecosystem automates offerings and approvals and ensures transparent inventory and streamlined negotiations, reducing setup times and errors. Through AudioMatic DSP, buyers submit offers processed and negotiated by AudioMax for availability before approval, automatically creating Programmatic Guarantee deals.

Understanding Programmatic Guaranteed Campaigns

AdsWizz makes it easy for publishers and advertisers to establish and grow relationships. We support all major transactions of digital audio inventory – Direct Sales, Programmatic Guaranteed or Preferred Deals, and real-time bidding with a Private Marketplace or open auctions.

Although both Preferred Deals and Programmatic Guaranteed represent direct transactions between buyers and publishers, the latter ensures that a guaranteed number of impressions are sold at a fixed price.


Direct Sales vs Programmatic Guaranteed

NEW! Programmatic Guaranteed Enhancements

AdsWizz continues to push the boundaries of digital advertising technology, and we’re excited to unveil new Programmatic Guaranteed features! These capabilities boost efficiency, reduce manual errors, and provide a seamless Programmatic Guaranteed campaign management experience. 

Streamline Programmatic Guaranteed Management

Effortlessly customize campaigns on a single platform in AudioMax SSP and enjoy seamless synchronization with AudioServe Campaign Manager. This minimizes manual efforts and enhances overall campaign management efficiency and ease of use. 

Control Campaign Performance

Leverage the flexible customization capabilities of the AudioMax-centric integration to streamline operations, reduce manual errors, and maximize campaign effectiveness. Define multiple campaigns under the same order and prioritize them according to publisher needs.

Easily Adapt to Change

Be nimble and adapt swiftly to changing requirements without pausing delivery. Updates to live AudioServe Programmatic Guaranteed campaigns are automatically synchronized with AudioMax Deal’s settings and vice versa, ensuring real-time consistency between the two platforms. 

Optimize Advertising Strategies

By harnessing advanced reporting capabilities in AudioMax, publishers can optimize their strategies and maximize revenues through a comprehensive understanding of their programmatic business on a single platform. Detailed breakdowns of Programmatic Guaranteed transactions, including granular insights per DSP, Sales Channel, Buyer, Advertiser, and Deal Type, ensure seamless performance management and enhanced visibility into guaranteed versus non-guaranteed deals and associated campaign delivery.

Looking Ahead

AdsWizz’s progress in Programmatic Guaranteed Campaigns represents an essential milestone in digital audio advertising. AdsWizz offers a powerful platform for advertisers and publishers to meet their advertising objectives by leveraging automation, scalability, and better visibility. With the digital environment constantly changing, AdsWizz stays ahead by driving advertising innovation to enhance efficiency, performance, and success.

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By Catalin Georgescu, Senior Product Marketing Manager


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