Simplecast Becomes Part of AdsWizz

We are excited to announce that the Simplecast team and technology are now officially part of the AdsWizz family. Moving forward, the Simplecast platform will be the AdsWizz flagship content management system (CMS) for podcast creators of any size. 

What Does This Mean for AdsWizz Customers?

For podcast publishers who aren’t already using the Simplecast CMS, you have direct access to and can easily combine your AdsWizz monetization tech stack with our best-in-class publishing, hosting, and audience analytics to get the most out of your podcasting business.

This means a lot to our demand partners. Through the brilliantly thought-out integration between our Simplecast CMS and the AdsWizz Podcast Marketplace, buyers can tap into a rich supply of independent shows that provide incremental reach and highly engaged audiences.

Why Now?

Today, we announced the launch of the new Simplecast Professional Tier, which offers the best in podcast creation and monetization tools through the combination of AdsWizz and Simplecast.

  • If you’re a podcast publisher interested in enhancing your stack with the Simplecast CMS, contact your Account Manager or reach out here
  • If you’re an advertiser looking to reach these new podcast audiences, contact our AdsWizz DSP team or visit our Contact Us page. 
  • To learn more about Simplecast Professional Tier, click here.


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