Why Buying Podcast Advertising is a Smart Move in Today’s World

Over the past few years, podcasts have exploded in accessibility and popularity, providing the public with an endless stream of listening options. And as we continue to hunker down in our homes, everyone is spending even more time consuming media, including podcasts. Listening to podcasts has increased during the pandemic — by as much as 30%, depending on the type of content*. As the demand for podcasts has increased, so too has ad spend, which is expected to hit over $1 billion next year, according to research firm IAB.


Today, buying podcast advertising is inefficient and lacks scale. At AdsWizz, we’re working to make it easier to buy podcast advertising at scale and to present ads and sponsorships in the right places, at the right time, and for the right audience, and bring greater clarity on how to leverage this new and highly-effective way to showcase your client’s products and services.


Here are some of the top reasons to start investing in podcast advertising today:


1. Huge Market

According to Edison Research, nearly half the US population (155 million people) listen to podcasts, with more than 104 million people listening to one every month, and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. “What podcasts are you listening to?” has become a common conversation starter. Why? Because everyone’s tuned in.


2. Attractive Audiences & Trusted Voices

In the US, 45% of monthly podcast listeners earn a household income higher than $75K80% of podcast listeners listen to most or all of an episode, and 54% of listeners are “somewhat or much more likely” to buy an advertising product when they hear it on a podcast, compared to other advertising. Connecting the dots here, podcast listeners represent an affluent and highly-engaged consumer audience with a vested interest in the show and willingness to spend their dollars.


3. Intelligent Targeting

Despite the popularity of podcasts, efficient advertising solutions have lagged in intelligent podcast targeting and planning – until now. AudioMatic helps agencies define their objectives and receive recommendations on what content to target – enabling podcast advertising programmatically based on audiences, locations, device types, and more for the first time.


4. Scale and Automation

By automating host-read podcast ads, AudioMatic allows marketers to create scalable ad content, while maintaining a level of personality and trust. Rather than buying a single show at a time, agencies and advertisers can build a single ad campaign, and allow hundreds of podcast publishers to take part. This is different from buying more traditional “baked-in” host-read ads that are part of the podcast content, limiting the ability to target ads, and keeping the podcast itself from becoming more evergreen.


5. New and Innovative Ad Formats

At AdsWizz, we’re empowering marketers to target and engage with their audiences in new ways through the medium of audio. From providing incentives for local merchants with a shake of the phone to delivering targeted, personalized and contextual podcast ads based on the listener’s location, demographics, behavior or weather, our technology makes the advertising engaging and effective.


6. Ability to Eliminate Manual I/Os

By getting rid of manual I/Os (insertion orders) and selling the podcast ad programmatically through a marketplace, the ad is purchased based on target audiences and campaign objectives. Agencies can run podcast campaigns the same way they would a programmatic campaign for display or video, eliminating the need for manual, show-by-show buys.


7. It’s Brand Safe

The specific content and context within a podcast is often unknown – and that represents a very real risk when it comes to advertiser brand safety and credibility. With AdsWizz PodScribe, in partnership with Comscore, podcast buying includes keyword targeting and avoidance, and a granular understanding of the content within a podcast, ensuring your client’s ads are always in line with their brand messaging and reputation.


All of the tools described are available through Adwizz and they are changing the game for the better. Tools like PodWave, PodScribe, and programmatic ad buying and insertion through AudioMatic are providing advertisers with an opportunity to scale smartly and make their podcast ad dollars stretch farther than ever before. If you’re looking for a tested and effective solution for programmatic podcast advertising – you’ve found it at AdsWizz.


Contact us today to learn more or request a demo, we’re here to help!


* Source: AdsWizz data from existing partners.

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