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CES 2024 Recap

AdsWizz Kicks Off the New Year Highlighting Audio Innovation! Click Image to Enlarge The AdsWizz team started the new year with a bang at CES 2024 with an exclusive meeting space within the luxurious Sky Suites at ARIA Resort & Casino Hotel, where we showcased our innovative solutions shaping the audio advertising landscape. “At CES,...

Changing the Game with Inventory Forecast Manual Adjustments

Picture this scenario: A surprise bonus episode throws a publisher into a flurry as they prepare to book new advertising campaigns for their podcast series. Concerned about their ad inventory misaligning with the future traffic data, they turn to AdsWizz’s Inventory Forecast Manual Adjustments. With a few clicks, the publisher seamlessly adjusts their total inventory,...

Interview with Gretchen Smith from Ad Results Media about Podcast Advertising

At Podcast Movement 2023, Gretchen Smith, Vice President of Media at Ad Results Media, sat down with Justine Benjamin, Head of Global Marketing at AdsWizz and Simplecast, to discuss the business of podcast advertising.  A Texan by Birth. A Podcast Enthusiast by Choice Gretchen Smith has an unwavering passion for podcast advertising and its remarkable ability to forge...

We are revolutionizing audio monetization, advertising experiences, and content creation for the audio industry.

Publisher Solutions

We have created a comprehensive technology stack that includes dynamic ad insertion, campaign management, yield optimization and a programmatic selling platform. We enable publishers to optimize revenue and manage multiple demand sources, all while preserving a relevant, positive listening experience.

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Advertiser Solutions

Our comprehensive advertising solutions enable brands to reach virtually every major audio publisher with the most advanced and robust buying capability. The largest global agencies, trading desks, and exchanges have been leveraging our technology for years to create new and innovative advertising campaigns.

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Podcast Solutions

Our podcast solutions enable you to scale content, reach new audiences, maximize revenue and analyze listenership. The Simplecast CMS empowers full control over every aspect of publishing and distribution, and our podcast monetization platform provides advanced targeting, forecasting and reporting tools to help optimize your revenue and scale to preserve your investment.

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