New premium publishers and programmatic audio inventory bundles are now available for buyers to reach audiences in UK, France, and Germany


London, UK – May 24, 2022 – AdsWizz today announced the expansion of the AdsWizz Audio Marketplace in select European countries. The AdsWizz Audio Marketplace is a curated digital exchange for audio publishers and advertisers across the UK, France, and Germany to buy and sell audio advertising. The expansion includes new publishers and curated programmatic inventory bundles accessible via major demand side platforms (DSPs).

Buyers will now be able to advertise across flagship publishers such as SoundCloud, Sonos Radio, Adelicious, PodcastOne, idobi Network, Audiomack, Nation Radio, KMFM, Altice Media Ads & Connect (RMC, BFM Business & BFM Radio stations), Audioboom, and more.1

AdsWizz is also unveiling new programmatic inventory bundles crafted specifically for the UK, France, and Germany. The Streaming Reach and Podcast Reach bundles provide opportunities for buyers to efficiently gain incremental reach and the Streaming Select and Podcast Select bundles provide a selection of local, as well as international flagship publishers.

Digital audio and podcasts are rapidly growing across Europe. In the UK, podcast ad spend has grown year-over-year by 61%, and streaming has grown 56%.2 As digital audio content consumption continues to grow, buyers are eager to tap into this medium to reach engaged listeners but require more efficient ways to transact across multiple audio publishers and at scale.

Advertisers in the UK, France and Germany will now be able to access a diverse set of publishers at scale via one deal, for one price, for both local market and multi-market buys. Advertisers may purchase available inventory in the Marketplace through programmatic guaranteed and private marketplace (PMP) channels.

Advertisers are also able to apply targeting criteria to each bundle, such as genre, demographics, geo-location, device, time of day, etc. Additionally, the podcast bundles are equipped with AdsWizz’s proprietary AdsWizz AI Transcription Technology which allow advertisers to target to or away from specific content at a granular level. With this technology, advertisers will be able to go beyond genre, show, or episode level targeting and begin to target based on overall interests such as “interested in sports” or “interested in entertainment”.


Jon Vick, Director, International Advertising Partnerships at SoundCloud

“Through the AdsWizz Audio Marketplace, our content has become accessible to advertisers across Europe. More importantly, advertisers can leverage our rich first-party data for enhanced targeting. And as a global provider, giving advertisers the ability to execute multi-market buys is extremely powerful and unique to the industry.”


Pierre-Michael Heck, Unit Director Audience Broking, Mediaplus Realtime GmbH & Co. KG

“The AdsWizz Audio Marketplace gives our clients further exposure across key European markets such as the UK, France, and Germany. AdsWizz has already established a footprint in Europe via strategic relationships with leading publishers, and we’re excited to give our clients the opportunity to seamlessly target their influential and highly engaged audiences.”


Brieuc Verwilghen, VP, Head of Commercial Partnerships & Strategy, EMEA said: 

“We are cementing our position at the forefront of digital audio and podcast advertising with the expansion of the AdsWizz Audio Marketplace in Europe. This new ad buying offering connects advertisers to diverse and engaged listeners through a bevy of publishers and unifies local and multi-market buys creating the scale required for effective campaigns. We are excited to streamline the connections between our advertisers and publishers with our technology.”


1 SoundCloud is not available in UK programmatic bundles. Streaming and podcast publishers vary in each market.

2 2021 IAB UK & PwC Digital Adspend Study




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