Advertising Week Europe 2022

Innovation as a Tool

Solving Challenges ​in Audio Marketing​

At this year’s Advertising Week Europe 2022 in London, many great minds and thought leaders from brands, agencies, media, and technology businesses came together for this hybrid event to coalesce around the most pertinent issues in advertising.

Our very own Ella Kerr-McCutcheon, Director, Business Development, EU, gave a presentation about audio advertising’s tremendous growth due to podcasting and innovative technology, and how engaging customers through audio could create more impactful advertising experiences.

  • Audio has always been an impactful tool for brands and agencies. As Ella points out, individuals can take audio with them on different experiences. Brands can also change their creative on that journey based on what people are doing and listening to.
  • Audio technology, predominantly podcasting, has seen tremendous growth. The IAB reports that 61% of brands plan to increase their spending. Audience engagement is often high because people don’t just stumble upon a podcast. They make an informed decision.
  • Audio placements are very much about delivering personalized experiences through the technology available by pulling in live data and looking at locations in a way that provides valuable information and gets people thinking.
  • Promoting relevant content across the proper context is integral to engaging audio listeners. It comes down to managing reach and frequency across multiple publishers.



“What people are listening to helps them discover relevant ad experiences. We’ve been talking about content being king for a very long time, but if content is king, then context is queen.”


Download Ella’s Presentation


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