AdsWizz Signs an Agreement with CairoRCS Media

CairoRCS Media podcast advertising inventory will now be available through AdsWizz’s Supply-side Platform “AudioMax”


Milan, Italy, 16 November 2021: AdsWizz Inc., the leading global technology provider for digital audio advertising solutions, today announced that it has signed an agreement with CAIRORCS MEDIA. The news will allow advertisers to target CAIRORCS MEDIA’s podcasts inventory through AdsWizz supply-side platform (“SSP”), AudioMax. AdsWizz reaches over 200 million unique users globally.

CAIRORCS MEDIA is the advertising agency of the RCS Media Group, the publisher of the leading Italian newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera” and the prestigious Italian sports newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, with a combined monthly readership of over 45 million. The agreement bolsters AdsWizz’s position as one of the leading audio advertising solutions in Italy and highlights its role in the promotion and growth of the Italian audio market.

Audio in Italy is becoming increasingly popular. 8.5 million Italians, mainly young people, listened to at least one podcast in 2020, growing from 1.5 million in 2019, and the relationship between AdsWizz and CAIRORCS MEDIA is a further step towards the expansion of the country’s audio advertising market. AdsWizz will work closely with CAIRORCS MEDIA for its podcasts and programmatic options, providing more choice to Italian audio advertisers.

Brieuc Verwilghen, Vice President Supply Partnerships, EMEA & APAC, at AdsWizz, said: “Over the past year, audio across the globe has experienced rapid growth. We are happy to have signed this agreement with one of Italy’s largest news publishers in order to offer more choice and quality inventory to advertisers in our marketplace. This new agreement with CAIRO RCS MEDIA will allow the company to make available their very engaged audience to advertisers programmatically, reaching listeners in a way that is measurable, with advanced attribution methods.”



About AdsWizz

AdsWizz Inc. has created the end-to-end technology platform that is powering the digital audio advertising ecosystem. AdsWizz is the underlying monetization solution for well-known music platforms, podcasts and broadcasting groups worldwide. Through dynamic ad insertion, advanced programmatic platforms, and innovative audio formats, AdsWizz efficiently connects buyers and sellers for digital audio and podcast advertising. AdsWizz is owned by SiriusXM, and is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with a Technology Development Hub in Bucharest, Romania.


About CairoRCS Media

A new advertising agency, the result of the merger of Cairo Pubblicità and RCS Pubblicità, boasting a unique media portfolio in terms of editorial quality and social relevance.

A company that makes synergy its strong point, firmly positioning itself as the essential reference for all those who want to communicate effectively.

A package that includes various types of media and platforms,  each with a stable and independent identity: 5 TV – 7 daily newspapers – 24 websites – 52 magazines – 41 Events – 42 social media – 1 football team.

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