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AdsWizz Kicks Off the New Year Highlighting Audio Innovation!

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The AdsWizz team started the new year with a bang at CES 2024 with an exclusive meeting space within the luxurious Sky Suites at ARIA Resort & Casino Hotel, where we showcased our innovative solutions shaping the audio advertising landscape.

“At CES, I observed a compelling trend where marketers and agencies are realizing the changing landscape of media allocation, sparking crucial discussions on integrating audio into the broader media mix. The role of audio is expanding continuously, particularly in addressing critical topics like attribution, privacy, and automation. Drawing parallels with historical shifts, such as the transition from time spent online to time spent in mobile/app environments, emphasizes the urgency and opportunity to address the current shortfall in media spend allocated to audio. As an industry, we must persist in finding innovative solutions to bridge this gap in the dynamically evolving audio advertising landscape.”


-Brian Gilbert, Vice President, Programmatic Operations 

AdsWizz Audio Advertising Solutions Featured at CES 2024
Mood Targeting

AdsWizz’s new privacy-focused contextual solution creates intimate connections with audiences by strategically placing ads within the listener’s context. It targets individuals enjoying mood-specific music, allowing marketers to craft impactful experiences in Content Mood segments like Love, Relaxed, Soothing, Angsty, Celebratory, Chill, Energetic, Focused, and Happy. These segments are precisely assigned to songs through a meticulous process involving machine learning and human analysis.

Multicultural Engagement in Digital Audio

With a rising trend in digital audio consumption among multicultural audiences, brands can tap into a $3.2 trillion spending power. AdsWizz’s Custom Audience Segments can be leveraged for large-scale engagement with enthusiastic, diverse listeners in the booming digital audio space.

  • Enhanced Targeting with AudioMatic – Reaches valuable, highly engaged audiences by Geo, Content Language (Spanish), Music Genre (Latin, Hip Hop, Reggae), Podcast Genre (Culture & Society), and Behavioral Targeting.
  • Predictive Audiences for Precise Targeting – Innovative cookie-free podcast feature reaching 300+ audience personas based on real content consumption, with segment selection options like TV viewership, OTT consumption, and behaviors such as location, B2B, financial, and automotive data. It also facilitates targeting multicultural audiences, including Asians, Black/African-Americans, and Hispanics.
Brand Safety

While reaching the right audience may seem just a short ride away, the journey is not without its risks. Even the most effective ads can risk becoming entangled in fraudulent domains and negative topics. To navigate the audio landscape securely, AdsWizz offers brands dependable safeguards against potential hazards of harmful content.

  • Brand Suitability by Comscore Surpasses basic keyword blocking, ensuring risk mitigation without compromising scale. Powered by AdsWizz AI Transcription Technology, it categorizes podcast episodes for brand suitability, offering a comprehensive safety map.
  • IVT Filtering for Marketplace Security – AdsWizz has bolstered the security of its global Audio Marketplace with an additional layer of protection aimed at preventing invalid traffic. Utilizing the latest technologies from Human Security, this proactive solution safeguards investments, saving you time, money, and effort while optimizing campaign results.

“Our industry is continuously pushing itself forward in transparency and measurement spaces. At CES, numerous brands expressed the need for features like show-level reporting in the DSP and programmatically supported brand suitability filters in podcasts – all of which are now a reality. We are thrilled about the anticipated growth in podcast advertising this year, and our commitment to these advancements underscores our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions. AdsWizz partners, like global media measurement and analytics leader, Comscore, are now seamlessly integrated into our platform to support the specific needs of brands. Additionally, AdsWizz is actively investing in attribution to ensure that brands can effectively measure their omnichannel lower-funnel efforts when leveraging audio ads.”


Robyn Meyers, Vice President, Programmatic and Marketplace Partnerships

Automated Host-Read Ads

Combines the distinctive benefits of host-read advertising with robust audience targeting, reporting, innovation, and control inherent in programmatic advertising. This scalable podcast solution enables brands to launch a script straight from the AdsWizz platform, seamlessly deliver it across multiple podcasts, and reach millions of listeners effortlessly.

Podcast Contextual Targeting

Utilizes speech-to-text transcription technology to enhance transparency in podcast content for advertisers. Podcast Contextual Targeting goes beyond conventional parameters by delving into the core strength of podcasts—their content. Furthermore, Comscore’s Predictive Audiences, in partnership with AdsWizz AI Transcription Technology, allows advertisers to develop privacy-forward and future-proof audience targeting on podcasts.

Forging Ahead – 2024 and Beyond

At CES, AdsWizz demonstrated an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio advertising, and we will remain steadfast in our dedication to advancing technological innovation in 2024 and beyond.

“This year at CES, I observed technology providers, data providers, and audio publishers working behind the scenes to meet the market demand for solutions related to audience IDs. These solutions are designed to be cookieless and ID-less, emphasizing a significant reliance on probabilistic data to provide buyers with the necessary data to run successful campaigns in the audio space, capitalizing on its inherent advantages. The advantage lies in the close connection between audio content and specific audiences. It is crucial to delve into podcast content that speaks about the audience or leans into the music genre, which also reflects the audience. Utilizing this approach facilitates the provision of audience identifiers in a privacy-friendly manner. This objective is number one on many people’s lists, and it’s great to see collaboration among industry players to deliver robust solutions that will make a substantial difference this year.”


-Justine Benjamin, Head of Global Marketing

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