Insights From The Future of Audio Europe 2023

In March, AdsWizz took part in The Future of Audio Europe 2023, bringing together speakers from across the continent to shape the future of audio. The event addressed the pressing need for higher reach, superior quality, and enhanced targeting in advertising. Attendees enjoyed insightful discussions, thought-provoking presentations, and networking opportunities, exploring the untapped potential of audio in the evolving advertising landscape. The Future of Audio Europe proved to be a pivotal moment for the industry, fostering collaboration, innovation, and a focus on sound investment. The event set the stage for a future where audio takes center stage in advertising strategies, illuminating the path toward realizing the full potential of audio in the years to come.

The Future of Audio Europe 2023 – The Great Debate: The Number One Action That Will Ignite Audio

During the 45-minute panel, audio leaders Omar Oakes, Rak Patel, Michelle Sarpong, our very own Ollie Chadwick, and Jackie Lyons discussed the three steps to enhance audio’s presence on media plans by addressing key industry challenges. The conversation highlighted the opportunities and obstacles within the audio industry, setting the stage for future collaborations and advancements that would benefit media plans.

The topics covered encompassed simplifying and standardizing audio buying, cross-media measurement potential, programmatic trustworthiness in digital audio, discoverability in the streaming age, environmental and social impact considerations, the influence of the cost-of-living crisis, preserving broadcaster-audience relationships, transitioning to DAB for advertising sales and improved listener experience, consistent media spend decisions across Europe, and fostering industry growth.



Ella Sagar from The Media Leader and our own Brieuc Verwilghen discussed strategies for building connections with loyal podcast listeners, emphasizing high-quality content, authenticity, and community-building. They also highlighted the importance of engaging with listeners to cultivate loyalty and strengthen the listener-host relationship.

Additionally, they outlined the need for brands to navigate the digital audio landscape confidently, promoting products while maintaining brand safety and integrity. By prioritizing transparency, authenticity, accountability for content, and partnering with creators whose values align with their target audience, brands can establish and maintain consumer trust, leveraging podcasting’s potential to reach a highly targeted audience.



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