Market Operator Console – An Overview

Being a Market Operator has benefits but comes with significant responsibility, especially when working with publishers of different sizes, custom agreements, and margins. 

As a reseller, it is crucial to have access to tools that enable increased visibility and manage your contracts with publishers to obtain the insights you need.

What is the Market Operator Console, and How Does it Function? 

As an inventory reseller or Market Operator, you act on behalf of many small and medium publishers, representing them when providing access to the more prominent audio providers by leveraging contracts within your network, agreeing to different prices, and the amount of inventory to be delivered.

The Market Operator Console is a dashboard that manages reseller contracts, monitors performance, sets up different margins and commitments, and attains firmer insights. It enables tracking metrics such as total impressions, impressions share, inventory data, and revenue (gross and net), setting up different margins and commitments per publisher.

The margin feature sets the margin per publisher based on the demand (e.g., x% margin for a publisher for demand from AudioMatic, our DSP, and y% for that same publisher for demand from another DSP). AudioMax, our SSP, has a commitment solution that makes controlling which partners should get more demand more manageable, strengthening your business protection without overlooking inventory. From a functional perspective, commitments are a much more efficient way to manage and prioritize demand across multiple publishers from the marketplace.

Suppose we define an audio network as a large grouping of related entities aggregating content from multiple places (i.e., Pandora – NBC, NPR). The Market Operator function allows the network various controls across numerous entities: for example, controlling inventory and deals across multiple agencies by leveraging different suppliers.

To fully grasp the significance and power of the Marketplace Operator’s responsibility, let’s step back and deconstruct how the technology powering their decision-making works within the audio ecosystem.

What is the Relationship with an Audio SSP?

An audio native SSP like AudioMax allows publishers to exchange their advertising inventory programmatically across media through an automated auction. AudioMax also contains auction-based private marketplaces (PMP), which permit several buyers exclusive access to a publisher’s inventory. They are invitation-based and have a negotiated floor price but no guaranteed volume. Exclusive buyers are auctioned based on price through PMPs.

With AudioMax, Programmatic Guaranteed can be enabled with a robust end-to-end process that orchestrates premium reserved inventory monetization focusing on automation, scale, and performance. 

Specific deals can be managed and defined with buyers, and an agreement is in place to decide what inventory is enabled and at what price. In addition, advertisers can programmatically target publisher audiences through a combination of first and third-party data segments.

More Content on the Market Operator Console to Come!
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by Jerome Camerlynck, Director of Product Management at AdsWizz

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