How Programmatic Audio Advertising is Enhancing the Radio Experience

Justine Benjamin, Head of Global Marketing at AdsWizz delves into the benefits of programmatic audio advertising, its current state, and its potential to shape the future of radio advertising.

On May 13th 1897, Guglielmo Marconi changed the world forever. Marconi arrived in Somerset looking to experiment with what he called “telegraphy without wires”.  After a few days of failed communication - suddenly Marconi’s instruments sparked into life. His voice boomed from the primitive speaker.  “CAN YOU HEAR ME?”. And so, radio was born. Radio shrank the world overnight. Suddenly it was possible to communicate across vast distances immediately. It became a powerful tool for leaders in fostering a sense of national togetherness through periods of crisis - such as with King George VI’s national addresses or Franklin Roosevelt’s famous Fireside Chats.  Over 125 years later, we can see how radio has transformed society - and we celebrate its impact this month following World Radio Day on the 13th of February.

So what does the world of radio look like in 2023?

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