Privacy Pioneers: The Shift from Cookies to Context

Digital advertising is evolving with every click, scroll, and search. The industry’s pivot away from traditional identifiers like cookies and mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs) marks a monumental shift driven by a growing emphasis on consumer privacy and changing regulations. This evolution signifies a move towards more privacy-centric technologies and practices, reshaping how ads reach their audience.

The Turning Point: Google Sets the Stage

Google’s 2020 announcement to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome was a wake-up call for the ad tech industry. Fast-forward to January 4, 2024, when Google began the phase-out, affecting 1% of Chrome users as a precursor to a complete ban later in the year. This bold step underscored the pressing need for innovation in how ads are delivered without compromising user privacy.

Leading the Charge: AdsWizz’s Approach to Cookie-Free Advertising

At AdsWizz, we saw the writing on the wall early. Our analysis reveals that while we expect the impact of third-party cookie deprecation in Chrome to be minimal across our platform overall, with less than 5% of daily ad requests logged on average, some signal disparities inherited from the type of environments operated might inflate the risk set by Google’s browser enforcement. Additionally, environments characterized by low signal and the absence of cookies, which are predominant in podcast and streaming mobile app listening, may encounter minimal impact due to the phasing out of third-party cookies. Conversely, publishers relying heavily on web environments might face a more significant effect. 

Innovation at the Forefront: Contextual and Mood-Based Advertising

Our leadership shines in contextual advertising, particularly within the podcast realm. We’re pioneers in introducing Comscore Predictive Audiences, leveraging our proprietary transcription technology to classify podcast content. This approach, combined with Comscore’s panelist consumption data, creates a content-to-content bridge that offers a nuanced view of listener preferences, setting a new standard in ad relevance without infringing on privacy.

Our Mood Targeting technology is another area where we’re breaking new ground. By understanding the emotional context of content, we enable advertisers to connect with audiences in a deeper, more meaningful way, enhancing trust and ad effectiveness.

Embracing New Technologies

Our commitment to innovation and privacy-respecting ad targeting methods remains steadfast, and there will be more to come from our ongoing work with Google’s Privacy Sandbox. Our efforts extend beyond technology to strengthen partnerships with major data vendors and industry bodies, ensuring a seamless transition to a post-cookie era.

Looking Ahead with Optimism

AdsWizz maintains its commitment to privacy-focused solutions as we navigate the evolving realm of digital audio advertising. We stand ready to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities to help our clients engage with their target audiences effectively and responsibly.

We’re eager to hear from you! Contact us now to share your thoughts, questions, or insights. Let’s explore the future of audio advertising together!

by Maria Breza
Vice President, Audience Data Operations Ad Quality Measurement at SXM Media and AdsWizz


Vice President, Customer Success at AdsWizz

Maria Breza

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Maria spearheads SXM Media's strategic brand safety, ad verification, and tech integration, ensuring the identity and audience targeting technologies supporting SXM Media and AdsWizz platforms are seamlessly integrated and scaled. Before her roles at SXM Media and AdsWizz, Maria was the global head of digital revenue operations at Bloomberg Media. She was responsible for inventory, pricing, media planning, ad technology, and ad trafficking for the mobile and web business teams and the business development effort on and
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