Say It Now Panels Featuring AdsWizz at 2022 Cannes Lions

Audio tech innovators, Say It Now, hosted AdsWizz at the 2022 Cannes Lions for some compelling panels in partnership with A Million AdsOctave Audio, Tremor Video, and The 7 Stars. Watch below for videos featuring Justine Benjamin, Vice President, Global Marketing, and Zac Pinkham, Vice President, Demand.

The View From The Supply Side


AdsWizz - Justine Benjamin, Head of Marketing

Say It Now - Charlie Cadbury, CEO 

Octave Audio - Charlie Brookes, CRO 

A Million Ads - Richard Williams, Commercial Director

Advertisers are finally getting to the place where they cannot ignore audio. Still, audio tech providers must continually innovate to help brands make actionable and personalized steps to reach audiences. Challenges include the nascency of the technology and brands and publishers still not using it to its maximum potential. Tech companies in the audio space must more effectively educate the business about the value of its available capabilities. That said, organizations (especially legacy businesses) must be open-minded and agile in discovering new technologies.

Justine Benjamin: "Audio has the advantage of having context as well as data, and then when the cookie crumbled, everyone went scrambling, not knowing what to do, and audio said: (hold my drink) we got this. With a podcast, there has never been a mobile ID. It's almost like going back to the roots of what advertising is about and what targeting is about. It's about context and content."

The View From The Buy Side


AdsWizz - Zac Pinkham, Vice President, Demand

Say It Now - Maria Cadbury, Global Strategic Partnerships Director  

The 7 Stars - Michelle Sarpong Head of Display & Audio Activation

A Million Ads - Kim Aspeling, Director of Creative Production

Digital audio is becoming more and more influential in today's media ecosystem. Publishers are experimenting, and brands take the 1:1 relationship with audiences seriously. High-quality content and advanced technology with attribution capabilities will enable continual evolution and a launchpad for further advancement.

Zac Pinkham: "When something resonates with the audience - the engagement rate will be far higher and the campaigns more successful and relevant. And you don't mind listening to these audio ads, which will continue to build on the market."


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