VIDEO: AdsWizz at the 2022 IAB Podcast Upfront

Last year was a milestone year for podcasts that reached new heights, shifted demographics, put a spotlight on content, and pushed the boundaries of ad technology. In our presentation at the 2022 IAB Podcast Upfront, we revealed findings and trends detailed in our 2022 Podcast Trends Report – a collaborative effort between AdsWizz, SXM Media, and Simplecast. Hear from AdsWizz SVP Commercial Partnerships and Business Development, Anne Frisbie, along with listeners, creators, and advertisers. Our data and insights were carefully curated by our in-house experts with access to some of the top podcasters, the most listeners, and the best publishers, to give you the insights you can’t get anywhere else! You will get insights on:

  • The New Creators – redefining what it means to “podcast” and cementing their place as pop culture influencers by breaking into additional mediums and building vast inclusive communities
  • The New Listener – jumping in every day, adopting podcasts as part of their daily routines, and pushing the boundaries with a fresh, accepting attitude towards ads and content
  • New Opportunities – the glass is still half-full when it comes to the potential for attracting more listeners ripe for fresh content, wild inventory growth opportunities, and expansive areas of advertising innovation
  • The New Advertiser – swimming out of the shallow end and rapidly diversifying, brands are quickly incorporating podcasts into their brand awareness campaigns and media plans AdsWizz was created out of a passionate belief in how technology can amplify the power of audio.

Our unified adtech and CMS provide solutions for the complexities of podcasting, from creation to monetization. Today, the AdsWizz Podcast Solution powers some of the world’s largest podcast publishers, including Pandora, Stitcher, iHeart, NPR, The Washington Post, NBCUniversal News Group, and The New York Times.


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