Cannes Lions 2022

AdsWizz Gets Loud on the French Riviera

AdsWizz was back at Cannes 2022 to reunite with the best minds in media and audio to share how we’re innovating the future of the industry. If you missed the event, you can relive our sessions below.

A Look Into the Shifts Shaping Programmatic Advertising (with Women in Programmatic Network)

The programmatic space is shifting like never before—are your digital strategies keeping up with the needs of modern consumers? In this session, we heard from leading industry experts about the growth and trajectory of digital advertising channels, emerging verticals, and how to be on the frontline of developing opportunities.

Ellie Edwards-Scott (M)
Co-Founder, The Advisory Collective

Anne Frisbie
SVP, Commercial Partnerships & Business Development, AdsWizz

Elli Dimitroulakos
Head of Automation, Americas, Acast

Kathryn Spaeth
Global Chief Transformation Officer, Wavemaker

Michal Nissenson
Director Of Customer Marketing, Geoedge



"In the audio space, the consumers' experiences are so personal and powerful that there is a much higher bar to ensure that the advertising experience matches the listener experience appropriately. And you see this in many ways in how audio advertising functions. Increasingly, we're going to think about that experience, not just from brand suitability and brand safety, but from publishers and creators enhancing their content experiences and those relationships they bring to the advertiser. That result is in the power of audio. It puts a much different spin on everything we do and brings us back to the power of content and how we leverage it to ensure the advertising works."

-Anne Frisbie, SVP, Commercial Partnerships & Business Development, AdsWizz


Striking the Perfect Balance of Content + Cultural Zeitgeist

Connecting advertisers with today’s hottest up-and-coming creators—something SoundCloud and AdsWizz have perfected. In this session, we hear how the world’s largest open audio platform and the leading global technology provider for digital audio advertising solutions partnered to create one of the unique offerings in the marketplace for prominent international brands.

Kelli Hurley (M)
VP, Global Head of Revenue Partnerships, SiriusXm

Shauna Alexander
VP Global Partnerships, SoundCloud

Zac Pinkham
VP of Demand Europe, AdsWizz

Adam Puchalsky
Global Head of Content, Wavemaker



"If you think about time spent in digital audio vs. where the revenue is spent right now, we're still in a big gap, so I think we're at that early stage of that hockey stick. There needs to be a huge education around digital audio, especially on the streaming side. For example, buyers need to understand how to shift their budgets into digital and need to see those results. We've got a great narrative in the digital audio and programmatic worlds when we talk about data and addressability. Fundamentally, it is proving the value and efficacy of the advertising."

-Zac Pinkam, VP of Demand Europe, AdsWizz


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